According to a recent OpenText survey of Corporate Legal Operations Professionals, 83% of respondents are already utilizing cloud technologies, and 94% confirmed their companies would embrace additional cloud solutions in the coming year. Additionally, 69% of in-house legal departments are standardizing their operations in the cloud because they view the cloud as a key initiative to optimize operations.

One crucial component of a cloud-based objective is document management, such as NetDocuments, which is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. The momentous observation was on full display at their recent Elevate 2019 Conference in Salt Lake City where NetDocuments touted their current and future plans in a series of announcements and packed sessions.

Workspace Security Manager and DLP
One predominant theme through the entire conference was a dedicated focus on security. In fact, David Hansen, VP of Compliance at NetDocuments commented to me that he doesn’t view NetDocuments as a document management company, but as a “security company that provides document management capabilities.”

As if to substantiate that comment, NetDocuments announced the Workspace Security Manager (WSM) allowing IT and risk professionals to lock down workspaces from a single administrative interface. The Security Center will also be where administrators can tweak settings for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) based on “Data Classifiers” that provide a wealth of options for restricting access to specific files and providing certain permissions.

NetDocuments also announced ndFlexStore Pro that allows customers to physically store their files and emails in specific datacenters located around the world while still allowing customers to store on-premise, and all the while maintaining a single library access point for users.

Performance and Workspace Improvements
The user experience in NetDocuments was also a focal point at the Elevate Conference, with the company showing some internal statistics on how they’ve streamlined the technology on the backend to work even faster in various web browsers (although the company pleaded with the crowd to phase out Internet Explorer).

NetDocuments is also rolling out Workspace Tabs which now brings additional functions to the Workspace for organizing and arranging files for easier access.

Lastly, NetDocuments discussed “SmartView” which is where the company focused on ensuring documents and files were displayed in high-fidelity without the need to download files to view them.

Collaboration Fascination
In the past, NetDocuments offered a “ShareSpace” that allowed customers to share files with external parties. That feature is now replaced with “CollabSpaces” which can even function as a “data room” within a Workspace, eliminating the need to move files to a third-party platform for file-sharing.

If NetDocuments users are compiling a set of files and documents to send out, they can now use SetBuilder to combine files and organize them appropriately. The SetBuilder tool is perfect for creating a customizable “binder” of documents that can be exported as a single PDF for easy distribution.

Lastly, NetDocuments announced their eSign technology that users can apply to documents stored in NetDocuments which absolutely streamlines the entire signature gathering process (and integrates in SetBuilder as well).

ndMail for Office 365
As a sign of the convergence of cloud technologies, NetDocuments announced their Microsoft Office 365 Add-In for ndMail that replaces the legacy COM add-ins. Most importantly, that means mobile users on the Microsoft Outlook app can now utilize the Office 365 Add-In to file emails and attachments directly from their iOS or Android devices. NetDocuments also announced they will offer “Conversation Filing” very soon.